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HLD 610

Model 610 Washer/High Level Disinfector

Introducing the Model 610, the new generation of process
controlled high level disinfection.
The 610 is designed to out-perform all other washer/HLD systems on the market while providing greater process/quality control. It is a superior alternative to traditional methods of chemical disinfection. The 610 offers superior quality assurance, labor-saving efficiency and responsible reprocessing with the following unique attributes:

  • High level disinfection process control and process documentation Expanded data collection complies with new JCAHO, AORN and Infection Control recommendations.
  • Sophisticated user interface Intuitive user interface using the new control panel. Message alerts maximize consistent system performance and longevity by reminding users to conduct preventive maintenance and routine cleaning.
  • Efficacy and cleaning effectiveness. Multi-purpose trays are adaptable to accommodate a variety of semi-critical
     and non-critical devices. New design creates turbulent cleaning action, assuring effective cleaning while still being gentle to devices. Trays are light and easy to remove and can be placed directly into Cenorin drying cabinets.
  • Software controlled process management and safety assurance. Automatic lid lock prevents interruption of any cycle and prevents user contact with hot water. Automatic injection of the precise volume of cleaning solution assures that proper cleaning protocols are met.
  • Multi-Cultural interface Select between English, French and Spanish to maximize operational familiarity and confidence. 
  • Low operational and maintenance costs Fully insulated tank conserves energy. Smooth tank and working surfaces for ease of cleaning. Do-it-yourself simple preventive maintenance procedures.

Two years against defective material and workmanship, with a 5-year Extended Warranty Plan available.  Toll-free technical assistance for the lifetime of the equipment.

Sold in Quebec only