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Maintain patient normothermia in busy emergency rooms, operating rooms and labor and deliver units. Separate controls ensure that blankets and fluids are safely heated to recommended temperatures. Improve recovery time by efficiently warming patients from admission to discharge, reducing the risk of surgical site infections.


Capacity:  30-40 blankets; 30 1-liter bottles or 24 1-liter bags


  • Durable: Affordable, rugged stainless steel cabinets


  • Ensure each bag and bottle is safely warmed using WarmRight® technology, which provides the right temperature for the right product.


  • Mobile: Rugged casters are designed to easily transport warmed fluids and blankets throughout the facility.


  • Digital control, ensuring your warmed fluids meet healthcare guidelines for IV and irrigation fluids.


  • Glass Window: The glass window allows staff to take an immediate inventory of the amount of warmed fluids and blankets available.


  • Exterior Size: 75" H x 30" W x 28.5" D