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Medical pending systems

Maintenance procedures can help ensure that your medical pending systems continue to perform optimally. Qualified technicians should perform these maintenance tasks.

The Medical pending systems manufacturers strongly recommend the following Maintenance:

Maintenance every 2 years

The visual inspection of the articulated arm consists of:

  • Visual inspection of all the articulated arm components;
  • A functional verification of the arm and its fluidity;
  • Verification of the proper operation of the pneumatic brakes;
  • Inspection and adjustment of all stoppers;
  • Cleaning and adjustment of all mechanical brakes;
  • The replacement of parts or install missing parts;
  • Cleaning;
  • Questions on options and accessories (gas and electric).

Maintenance every 5 years

The complete Preventive Maintenance on articulated arms consists of:

Gas Hoses

  • Check the tightness of hoses to terminations (where the gas hose is connected) at the head of service (console) and the interface plate;
  • Check the condition of the hoses in the articulated arms and the interface plate - ensure that there is no twisting or interference between the hoses.


  • Visual inspection of the connection points so that they are intact;
  • Watch the condition of receptacles and cables in the articulated arm and the interface plate;
  • Check the operation of receptacles and replace if needed;
  • Compliance testing of receptacles.


  • Complete inspection of the system, damage and note the parts to be changed;
  • Check the attachments, hinge brackets, arms, console and accessories;
  • Check the movements at the flanges, that they are easy and effortless;
  • Check that there is no excess weight charge and notify the customer if necessary.

Brake and pneumatic

  • Check the brakes so they are functional;
  • Make a leak test;
  • Check the 3-way valves for proper operation.

Cleaning and closing of all covers

  • Replace all openings and accessories;
  • Thoroughly clean the system.

Maintenance every 7 to 10 years

It is strongly recommended to replace the medical gas hoses within the articulated arms every 7 to 10 years, according to the manufacturers and the use.

Hoses replacement

  • Replace the medical gas hoses within the articulated arms;
  • After the hoses have been changed, do a leak test;
  • Pressure drop test and interference check the interference between the hoses.

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