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Seca 787

seca 787

This scale is the ideal solution for weighing and network measurement. It features a particularly robust design with a fully anti-tilt metal platform and a robust one-piece column. All patients (especially those with obesity) will feel safe on the platform, even when walking on the edge of the base. The digital measuring rod allows an immediate calculation of the BMI. With a scalable network module (seca 452), the seca 787 scale directly transmits height and weight measurements to your DME (Electronic Medical Record) system. The staff can easily move the scale due to its large rubber-coated casters and wide wheelbase.

• 787 seca balance with built-in DME (Electronic Medical Record)
    is equipped with a digital display at the level of the eyes.

• Robust medical grade scale for years of use with
     a high patient volume

• Digital measuring rod with a very long measuring range

• Two-line display shows size and weight

• Integration with EMR allows data to be sent directly to
    the electronic medical record of the patient.

• Automatic damping and holding system guarantee
    fast and accurate weighing

• The display is interchangeable on the left or right side

• EMR Integration Service (Patient Medical Record)

• Limited warranty: 2 years