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seca 333i

seca 333i:

Fully integrated, weighing and measurement are immune from data entry errors.

When developing a baby scale, you must consider the whole, including the context in which it will be used. How to improve work processes and how to integrate technology into the work environment? The seca 333i makes a good impression with its exceptional quality and simple operation gives it the status of high-end equipment designed to facilitate and improve the work of staff. The decisive step in the digital future is made possible by the possibility of integrating the scale with electronic medical record systems.

The seca 333i is a reliable baby scale with a high level of quality. Its state-of-the-art equipment (Wi-Fi, electronic board and user identification option and the patient) makes it ready for immediate integration. Being able to easily transmit weight and size to an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) makes workflows more efficient. The low weight and integrated handle of the baby scale complete the package.


Main technical characteristics

• Net weight 3.7 kg
• Product width 650 mm
• Height of the product 110 mm
• Product depth 308 mm
• Graduation 5 g <10 kg> 10 g
• Capacity 20 kg


• EMR Integration Service (Patient Medical Record)


• Limited warranty: 2 years